Surface Preparation

Surface Preparation is the method or combination of methods used to clean a surface of a substrate, remove loose and weak materials and contaminants from the surface, repair the surface, and roughen the surface to promote adhesion of a protective coating or lining system. IT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ASPECT OF A SUCCESSFUL COATING PROJECT ! The methods we provide include but are not limited to: Pressure Water Cleaning, Solvent Cleaning, Hand Tool Cleaning, Power Tool Cleaning, Abrasive Blast Cleaning, Sponge Blasting, Dry Ice Blasting, and more ! 



Protective coatings are applied on to surfaces/substrates and act as a barrier to inhibit or prevent corrosion. Each Coating is converted into a solid protective, decorative, or functional adherent film after application to a surface. Our coatings may be sprayed on, welded on, plated on, or applied using hand tools.

Besides corrosion resistance, protective coatings can help a substrate withstand issues such as corrosion under insulation, wear and exposure to water. They can also improve the asset’s aesthetic appearance.

Coating Materials we commonly used are epoxies, polyurethanes, metallic coatings include zinc and aluminum. 




Leak Repair

Has your facility ever had to shut down to repair a leak? Has down time to repair a leak ever caused significant financial loss? Have you ever inspected an area at your facility and thought that there was severe corrosion? 

Reliable Coatings offers a specialized solution for these types of situations. We will repair your leak IN SERVICE/ONLINE without the need of shutting down! Reliable Coatings management and employees have an extensive experience of success stopping leaks of all types of product, pressure, and temperature. Our Epoxy Wrapping and Engineered repair services is a critical asset for all our customers. Call to find out more information today! 



Similar To Coatings, Linings are designed to protect the internal surface of a tank, vessel, tower, or other internal surface of a structure. Internal surfaces used for immersion services require high quality linings. Our team at NJ Reliable Coatings LLC can develop a specifcation and apply your lining needs to ensure your equipment's success.  


Industrial Painting Services

Count on Reliable to provide solutions to all your Industrial Painting Needs Including:

  • Lead Paint Removal

  • Pressure Washing

  • Bristle Blasting

  • Sponge Blasting

  • Abrasive Blasting

  • Power Tool Cleaning 

  • Spray Coating

  • Plural Component Spraying

  • Internal Linings and Coatings

  • External Corrosion Protective Coatings

  • Much More! Enquire Within! 


Thermal Spray Metalizing

Looking for a protective coatings that can last you up to 50 years? Metalizing or Thermal Spraying might be the solution. Enquire for More Details... 


QA/QC Inspection Services


With Certified NACE CIP Level 3 Coatings Inspector on staff, Reliable Coatings ensures the highest standards of quality of their work and also offers 3rd Party Coating Inspections. Contact us to find out more on our inspection program which includes but Is not limited to:

Environmental Testing

Dry Film Thickness-DFT Measurements

Wet Film Thickness-WFM Measurements

Holliday/Pinhole Detection-

Spark Testing

Hardness Testing

Failure Analysis

Anchor Profile Testing

Visual Cleanliness Inspection

and more. 

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