Lining Installation in New Jersey


    Safety for our clients and staff is a top priority for us. Furthermore, we believe:

  • All injuries are preventable.
  • Every employee is responsible for their safety as well as that of fellow employees.
  • Written plans are essential in the workplace safety program, and all employees are responsible for knowing and following the safe work practices described therein.
  • Every employee at every level is essential in participating and creating a safe workplace.

Our Safety Goals are

  • Follow health and safety rules and regulations.
  • Provide a workplace free from hazards.
  • Emphasize the importance of safety in daily activities.
  • Make supervisors accountable for the safety performance of their crews.
  • Train employees in safe work procedures.
  • Evaluate the progress toward the goal of no injuries, accidents, or illnesses.
  • Have employee “buy-in” for the company’s safety goals.


All our staff members abide by the established safety procedures and protocols set up for the protection of their own and their coworkers. Every one of our employees is obligated to adhere to our strict safety regulations and the host site. There is zero tolerance for:

Authority to stop work

Our stop-to-work policy is designed to give our staff and workers authority to halt activities in all unsafe situations. All employees are empowered to stop work if conditions or practices are dangerous. There will be no negative consequences for this action.

For instance, they might suspend the work immediately if they have a question about safety on a project they are working on. Each of our professionals has received extensive training on the most effective procedures. However, individuals are free to discontinue any activity they deem hazardous.

The following are typical scenarios in which our stop-work policy can be applied:

  • If any change is made in the work conditions
  • If an accident happens in the course of work
  • If the team lacks the information to carry out the project
  • If there occurs any emergency
  • If there is non-availability of proper equipment
  • If there is a danger in carrying out the project

Our stop-work authority does not apply to workers only, but our entire organization will be actively involved in ensuring that the project must be terminated for some reason. We recognize the significance of completing the assignment on schedule. Our highly skilled and seasoned personnel work diligently to accomplish the project on time but will never sacrifice safety for schedule.

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