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December 7, 2023

Six signs you need heat exchanger repair service.

If you are running a business that needs specific environmental conditions, consider investing in a heat exchanger. This equipment is known for transferring heat from one source to another. 

Heat exchangers commonly find applications in various industries, including food, beverage, dairy, and pharmaceutical. These industries use this device as a part of a good hygienic production process, and it’s important to fulfill regulatory needs. Hence, this equipment is used to control and maintain the specific temperature for pasteurization.

As this equipment plays a significant role, it’s important to keep it in good working condition. In case you notice any signs of damage or cracks, don’t hesitate to call Heat Exchanger Contractors in NJ to fix it. 

This blog describes a few common signs indicating something wrong with this equipment. Keep an eye on these signs.

Signs a heat exchanger has cracks or is damaged-

Cracks in furnace components- 

As they naturally expand and contract while operating, furnace components are vulnerable to corrosion and cracking. These outward wear-and-tear indicators frequently point to potential interior corrosion problems. 

It’s important to respond quickly if you see any cracks or rust on or near your furnace. The best course of action to determine and fix these issues is to contact qualified specialists as soon as possible. They will ensure the safety and effectiveness of your heating system while reducing the chances of longer-term, more serious, and more expensive damage.

No Hot Air-

The crack in your furnace’s heat exchanger could result in hazardous circumstances. How can you know if it has cracks? At best, you’ll notice that your furnace isn’t producing warm air, or it might stop working altogether.

The worst-case situation is when a broken furnace keeps blowing hot air, placing your workplace at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. If your furnace experiences any problems or stops functioning, it’s essential to contact the experts offering heat exchanger repair services.

When it comes to your worker’s or property’s safety, don’t take any chances. Fix heat exchanger issues right away!

Changes in the color of the flame-

A key sign of your gas furnace’s safety and situation is its flame’s color. A furnace that is appropriately operating should always have a blue flame. A flame that departs from this blue tint and becomes yellow is a warning indication. When oxygen enters the combustion chamber, the heat exchanger may become destroyed, which is often the cause of this discoloration. 

In such situations, it is essential to have your furnace checked out and repaired immediately by a professional to ensure it runs effectively and safely. 

Strange noises-

If a furnace usually makes some weird noises during operation, like slamming, cracking, whistling, or scraping, it could be alarming. These odd noises could indicate that your heating system has underlying problems. It’s critical to take care of them immediately by contacting a highly experienced heat exchanger contractor for an in-depth analysis and troubleshooting. 

If you ignore these noises, they could develop into bigger issues and even breakdowns, leaving you without heat when you really need it. Don’t hesitate to contact a professional if you notice any odd noises coming from your furnace cabinet because prompt assistance is essential to maintaining your furnace’s efficiency and safety.

A buildup of soot-

Your furnace’s soot buildup is an obvious sign of combustion problems. Black carbon buildup is a sign of incomplete or inefficient combustion. It is frequently a result of a broken heat exchanger or faulty burner. 

In addition to indicating decreased energy efficiency, soot also raises safety issues. This is because it may result in carbon monoxide leakage. So, in order to maintain the functionality and safety of your furnace, a quick solution is required. 

It is recommended to hire a qualified specialist to identify and address the underlying issue so that your heating system runs well without jeopardizing indoor air quality.

Harmful gas leak-

If your furnace emits an unpleasant, rotten-egg-like smell, it’s not a minor problem. Instead, it could be a potentially dangerous gas leak. It is advised not to ignore such smells; instead, turn off your heating system immediately and contact a professional offering a heat exchanger repair service in NJ or nearby.

Gas leaks pose a risk of significant safety issues; thus, immediate action is necessary to reduce any potential dangers or complications. When dealing with such a scent, you should always put your (and your workers) safety first. A prompt resolution of the problem by a professional is crucial.

So, we have described some signs indicating you should call professionals to fix them. Sometimes, industry owners ignore these signs and end up facing more serious problems later. If you wish to keep you and your workers safe in the industry, you should avoid leaving these signs unattended. You should make a call to a reliable heat exchanger contractor in NJ. They will offer a timely repair service to fix the issues and ensure your equipment works at its best.

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